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Dr. Carolyne Fuqua
Dr. Carolyne Fuqua

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Transforming the lives of untold thousands of people, Dr. Carolyne, lovingly known as “Isis,” (pronounced Ezeese) continuously travels the globe, ministering to what she considers her seven billion member family, as a spiritual harbinger of both personal and planetary healing through the power of love.A graduate of UCLA and the University of Metaphysics, Dr. Carolyne Fuqua holds Master's Degrees in Religious Philosophy and History, and Bachelor's Degrees in History, Foreign Languages, and Religion. She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Religions and is fluent in three foreign languages.


As founder of Circles of Light Ministries and a recognized leader in the transformational movement, Dr. Carolyne leads groups of people all over the world through life-transforming circle evenings, weekend retreats and purposeful journeys to sacred places as part of her traveling ministry. As a master teacher of Egyptian mysticism, Dr. Carolyne grounds her teaching in Universal Law and metaphor, the keys to unlocking the memory of our true purpose. She leads sold-out mystery-school pilgrimages to Egypt, wherein participants are invited to transcend the mundane and unlock the ancient mysteries of the Nile. To assist her students in interpreting the living textbooks on the temple walls, Dr. Carolyne authored the ground-breaking works: The Keys to the Kingdom Volume I & II.


Dr. Carolyne is also a gold-record producer, hit songwriter, and seasoned performer; and in 2000, she and her husband, Harvey Fuqua, a founding member of Motown Records and a Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame inductee, founded The S.T.A.R.S. (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls), an international vocal ensemble whose sole purpose is uplifting the planet with song. Her love of music has her travel the globe singing with The S.T.A.R.S., raising hearts and souls through the transformative power of song. They sell out venues worldwide interpreting Pop, Jazz, Broadway, and R&B covers, while other times breathing new spirit into compelling Inspirational, Gospel, and quartet standards. As Global Ambassadors, their sole intention is to bridge the gulf, currently existing between the peoples of the world, through art and song.The trio from the S.T.A.R.S., Carolyne, Natalie, and Nadine, under the name Nuhjume (Stars in Arabic) have been singing together for the past six years at prestigious venues worldwide Together, this talented trio revels in the joy of creating unforgettable harmonies that touch and transform people’s hearts forever.

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