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I have been sharing my knowledge of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for over 35 years. The decision to begin this endeavor was not a conscious choice, rather, it was a command. I had met, and was studying Rebirthing with a lovely lady named Sondra Ray, and was attending a retreat she was leading in Mt Shasta called "The God Training," a nine-day event focused on breathing and meditating when it happened.


One day, while practicing breathing under water, a voice inside my head roared a command, "Teach     A Course in Miracles!" What, I queried, is A Course in Miracles?" It was 1982 and I had no idea what the voice was referring to, and since there was no following explanation, I just kept breathing and eventually forgot all about it.


One Sunday, not too long after that experience, I accompanied a friend to the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles.  When we walked through the door, there was a large display in the entryway: A Course in Miracles. What a minute - That’s the work that I was told to teach! Now, I’m a little embarrassed about the next part.  I looked at the price of the then three-volume set, and when I saw that it was $50, I said to myself there is no way I’m paying that. Books just were not that expensive back then.


I wandered around the store in the opposite direction of my friend and when we met about thirty minutes later, to my surprise, she was carrying the books, all three of them.  I asked her what she was doing with them and was astonished when she said, “I’m drawn to these books, but I have a feeling I won’t understand the material.” And my mouth dropped when she said, “If I buy them, will you read them and tell me what they’re about?”  I accepted without hesitation knowing that Spirit was serious about my charge to teach A Course in Miracles.


I took the three books home on Sunday, finished reading them all the way through by Tuesday, and started the first class on Thursday. Everything I knew to be true about the ascension of the human soul was there.


As a result, there has not been one day since then that I have not taught A Course in Miracles.  Five years later, I received another command, “Go to Egypt!”  No explanation, no discussion, just, “Go to Egypt.”  Well, I went and after I had been three times, a psychic I met in Sedona told me that I came into this incarnation to start a new mystery school utilizing the information on the temple walls of Egypt.


I went back to the land of the Pharaohs to try to discover what I could contribute to the wealth of information already available on the subject.  I studied everything I could find and I stood staring at the walls time and time again until one day it hit me. What I was learning from the walls and what I was reading in A Course in Miracles was exactly the same.


In A Course in Miracles we are taught about self-realization using the five aspects of the human being: The Higher Self, The Holy Spirit, The Soul, The Ego and The Body to metaphorize the process. In Egyptian Mysticism, we are taught about self-realization using the same symbolizing.  The only difference being that in Ancient Egypt, these subjects are named and historically misunderstood to be Gods and Goddesses.  The Higher Self is named Osiris, The Holy Spirit is named Isis, The Soul is named Horus, The Ego is Set and the Body is Nephtys.  And although these aspects are referred to differently in these two works, their words and deeds are eerily similar. And the result, self-realization, is the same.


When I discovered this I began using Egyptian Mysticism to teach A Course in Miracles and A Course in Miracles to teach Egyptian Mysticism.  This remarkable information spanning the ages, places the keys to the kingdom in the hand of the initiate. And because of this, self-realization is available to all who would come to the fountain and drink.


It is a great honor for me to be called to assist the sleeping masters to awaken to their divinity. And now let us rejoice together as hand in hand, step by step, we climb the mountain of ascension.


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