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Libra Sun Sign

Are you fond of romantic, candlelit dinners in posh, tastefully decorated restaurants . . . of walking the shores of a quiet beach on warm summer nights, the two of you wrapped in the glow of a full moon . . . or of sending and receiving thoughtful cards and beautiful flowers on special occasions? Well, if your sun is not in Libra, I would feel confident betting that you have the sign nicely positioned somewhere in your birth chart.

In addition to being the most romantic, Libra is also acknowledged for being the most diplomatic sign in the zodiac, and after being reared by one (my mother, Oct 18th) and rearing another (my son, Oct 20th) I have an abundance of personal evidence that this is true.

Whether as a couple or in a group, their ability to see and intelligently assess both sides of an issue, makes them the likeliest candidate for being the glue that holds it all together.

Easy-going, idealistic Libras love being in relationship, be it with one or one hundred and, because of their generosity, fairness and charming, urbane sensibilities, they are admired and respected by their partners, peers and teammates in any game they find themselves playing. And, whatever the game happens to be, for Heaven’s sake (and theirs), let it be fun, exciting and full of adventure. Don’t let that low-key, calm and peaceful demeanor fool you; they can’t wait for the next opportunity to have a good time.

As intelligent and creative as the Libra native is, she appears lazy when it comes to the execution

of the good ideas she comes up with. “I came up with it, now let someone else decide what to do with it; let someone else do the work.”

Could they be afraid that a wrong decision might lead to failure . . . a loss of the love, respect and approval they so desperately need and seek?

I’m not so sure the problem is sloth. I think we might be looking at an unwillingness to fight for what is desired for fear that too many waves may rock the boat and, for the Libra born, balance, order and peace are mandatory. Unwilling to disturb the peace they crave, they are likely to hide their true feelings and, as a result of an insecure nature, simply shut down, giving the appearance of being vain, self-indulgent, superficial and unreliable.

Okay Libra, it’s time for you to trust that intuition you are so famous for. Stop being afraid of ending up on the wrong side of the bet. Maintain your balance as you dare to climb out on that limb. The sweetest fruit is just sitting there waiting for you to garner the courage to reach out and pluck it, and no one will be more likely to spread it around.

May this be the year when it all comes together for you. Your win is inevitably a win for us all.

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