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Scorpio Sun

H mmm, Scorpio . . . the first thing that comes to my mind is the song title: “Still Waters Run Deep.” Yes, Scorpio is a water sign, but not like the other two who have a tendency to be like roiling seas.

The no-nonsense Scorpion is strongly intuitive and aware of her surroundings. They are able to patiently size up situations, get straight to the bottom line and eloquently and optimistically come up with satisfying solutions to challenging situations.

The Scorpio born has a fearless, ambitious nature and their curiosity will often entice them to wander in where wise men dare to tread. For them, it is important to break the code ... to penetrate the barrier that hides the inner mysteries.

Scorpions travel in a world that is either black or white. They are simply not interested in the gray area. They like to know where they are and what the rules are before they are willing to play. They have a need to be in complete control of their surroundings and their destinies. This is metaphorically represented by the fact that an actual scorpion will sting itself to death rather than die as another’s prey.

Scorpio people have a tendency to be good-looking. That just may be the natural result of their pleasant, positive, passionate natures.

Their devotion to others makes them wonderful students and inspiring teachers but you won’t want to cross them in any capacity or you are sure to draw out their sarcastic, vindictive, destructive tyrannical side.

If you do find yourself on the bad side of a Scorpion, don’t worry about them staying upset for too long. They regenerate very rapidly. In fact, if the creature from which they take their name loses its tail, it will rapidly grow a new one, and put himself right back in play.

If you’re looking for a partner, you could do a lot worse than the passionate, sexy, naturally spiritual Scorpio native. Just be mindful and stay on her good side and you could be in for a very satisfying relationship.

Happy Birthday Scorpio, may this be a year where your curiosity and love of adventure take you deeper into the magic and mystery of life than ever before.

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