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Scorpio Moon

While some signs may seek comfort and security in superficial or material things, for Moon in Scorpio people, it’s all about depth and emotional intensity. Doing things halfway or having meaningless relationships simply would not appeal to them. They have the desire and the ability to go deep . . . to see through facades and cut straight to the core of a person or situation. This ability to see beyond what is obvious can be intimidating to some, and profoundly attractive to others.

Their deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth can manifest for the Lunar Scorpio in different ways. Some may naturally have powerful, passionate lives while others find the intensity beyond their control. When these natives get overwhelmed, they tend to attract high drama and serious emotional upheaval in abundance.

Moon in Scorpio natives seek out intense experiences. If life gets too ordinary, an unconscious need to stir up some emotional excitement could surface. Much to their credit, however, many of those with this Lunar position spend a lot of time mastering – and thus controlling - their emotions. They tend to be intelligent and astute, and when they use their enormous powers for intimacy and honesty, they are the happiest, and make the most interesting and rewarding friends and partners.

These people radiate strength even in the absence of relevant experience . . . they seem to “know" things. It is difficult to shock or scare a Lunar Scorpio with too much emotional honesty or power. Some people instinctively want to lean on them while those with less confidence can’t get away fast enough. This is because these natives are very intuitive and have the kind of radar that allows them to size up people and situations quickly and accurately. This ability to understand human motivation and nature can be enormously comforting for some and much too close for comfort for others.

Moon in Scorpio people often have a strong fear of betrayal. They desire and demand exclusive attention and are most comfortable when partners give up something to show their level of commitment. Their often ungrounded suspicions can be trying for the people who love them. However, once committed and relaxed, Moon in Scorpio people can be the most loyal and protective partners to be found.

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