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Scorpio Relationships

The Scorpio native is known for being mysterious, intuitive, charismatic, passionate, loyal, intense and more than a little obsessive. If he has his way, a preferred date would be to stay at home and share deep, intimate conversation, while enjoying a home-delivered meal. That, of course, would be so that there could be no distractions . . . no possibility of someone else stealing the attention that he desires.

The Scorpio born tend to be a tad paranoid and think that the worst could go on behind their backs. And, if their fears prove justified . . . look out. Scorpions turn cold and mean at the first sign of con- flict. Although generally secretive, they know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it.

Scorpio is a good bet for signs that are attracted to the passion and mystery and are not afraid of the intensity and commitment.

With the SCORPIO/SCORPIO relationship, there is strong attraction, but there is apt to be a struggle for power. Both want to handle all the responsibility and generally “run the show.” And, both are possessive of the other.

When two Scorpions get together there may be problems, but not with power, money and respon- sibility. There would probably be a large dose of intensity with laughter in short supply. This pair would aim toward success and could succeed in a big way when it comes to the attaining of major objectives.

Scorpio natives won't be satisfied with anything less than the best from their partners and they usu- ally mean what they say and say what they mean. They are intuitive and have a gift for seeing through pretense. They can perceive, delineate, and render shrewd analyses in many areas, and remember . . . they are doing that to and with each other.

Scorpions don’t like to be corrected, especially their manners and speech. This is a problem because they both like to make a good social appearance and expect a lot from their mates. If correction is called for, make it tactful and loving . . . please. With natives of this sign, it’s best to tell the truth, no matter what the circumstances. They are psychic and are going to know the truth anyway so why ruin the trust.

The Scorpio native is physically attractive and hard to let go of. They do have addictive personalities and could definitely become addicted to each other. So, if you are playing in this territory, it’s best to be playing for keeps.

The SCORPIO/LIBRA partnership has a lot of potential. Although some of their views and opinions are the exact opposite. Scorpio natives find Libra romantic, mysterious and inspirational. The Venus of Libra and Scorpio’s Pluto combine for excitement, discovery, romance and independence. Libra both pacifies and excites the Scorpion at the same time.

Scorpio has a tendency to want to please Libra . . . to shower her with gifts and adoration. Libra transforms Scorpio into a romantic, inspires the Scorpion to broaden, to allow for new concepts and clearer perception, to look behind the scenes, to appreciate the subtle.

Now, neither of these signs is perfect, but together, there is a chemistry that could ignite into something very powerful. The combination of Pluto and Venus tempers beauty with strength. The fragility of Libra is given greater substance by Scorpio and the intensity of Scorpio is given a lighter, more humorous and artistic touch by association with Libra. Yes, these two could do very well together.

The SCORPIO/VIRGO combination is a good one that could definitely yield an abundance of adventure and excitement. With Virgo, Scorpio’s beautiful dreams can become realized. Virgo has ideas and Scorpio has creative power. Together, there can be a real force where popularity and profit are the outcome.

These two would have to watch out for extravagance coupled with a failure to carry through. And, patience and persistence will be mandatory. Virgo can be restless and Scorpio can be obstinate, therefore, a lot of maturity will be necessary if success is to crown their highly potential mutual efforts.

With the SCORPIO/LEO partnership there are bound to be problems, as Water and Fire do not generally make good bedfellows. But, as with all rules, there are possible exceptions. Scorpio gets fired up by Leo and therefore, potentially gains greater fame, recognition and power. Leo also generates change, variety and mental stimulation for Scorpio and together these two could easily build an


Yes, there would be disputes . . .both are fixed signs and, therefore, both tend to be stubborn and dominating. There would be a tendency for one to try to impose his or her will on the other. Scor- pio is strong . . .Leo is strong. And, if they were to get along, they would have to decide in advance to take turns running it.

With Leo, Scorpio would have the opportunity to realize his ambition . . . to travel, discovery and change. No, the relationship is not without problems, but many of these could be overcome by the intense activity, the adventure of success, the anticipation, and the realization that the sky is the limit. Even if not permanent, Scorpio/Leo sounds like grist for a whole lot of excitement.

SCORPIO AND CANCER harmonize beautifully. Cancer’s Moon, and Scorpio’s Pluto combine to promote a healthy, constructive relationship. This partnership could easily lead to marriage because, with Cancer, there is a desire for Scorpio to settle down, build a home and utilize assets more intelligently.

Scorpio possesses an abundance of power and a creative ability that needs an outlet. Cancer helps find that outlet and makes it possible for Scorpio to obtain a place to call home. Where disruptive elements exist for Scorpio, they evaporate with Cancer.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are of the Water element; both are sensitive and predisposed toward being psychic. There is a bond of understanding here. The appeal is on mental, emotional and physical levels.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all will be perfect between Scorpio and Cancer, but the odds for their success are greater than with most other signs. There may not be an explosion of fireworks here...the evolvement is gradual, but the progress is steady.

Scorpions build on a solid foundation with Cancer and if they are patient, perceptive, mature and receptive, they could find great happiness and fulfillment as a result of their association with natives of that sign.

Together, SCORPIO and GEMINI could create a satisfying, good-working relationship.

Scorpions stretch out with Gemini. They delve into areas that are previously considered restricted or taboo. Their mental forces are strengthened, their curiosity is sharpened and, overall, the restlessness of Gemini serves as a challenge to Scorpio.

Both Scorpio and Gemini are concerned with money, the occult, legacies, and greater rewards for efforts. Gemini discovers a part of Scorpio that very few know exists. With Gemini, Scorpio has greater success getting his viewpoint across to a greater segment of the population.

Scorpio is somewhat frightened by the fact that Gemini analyzes, questions, probes deep into his inner self. And, Scorpio feels challenged, reactionary and painfully self-conscious. It's not always easy, but it can be constructive, if not always durable. If you want to live and learn Mr. Scorpio, then Gemini may be the one.

With the SCORPIO/TAURUS union there is profound attraction (in the manner that opposites attract) and these two could easily end up tying the knot. The Venus of Taurus and Scorpio’s Pluto combine to inspire independence, originality, a breaking from patterns, unorthodox methods.

Again, with the fixed signs, they can both be positioned and stubborn. With Scorpio and Taurus couples, it’s hard to live with or without. Taurus helps Scorpio appreciate luxury, beauty, and the sensuous side of life. They are both passionate beings and, therefore, a love relationship could be profound and meaningful. A partnership could succeed as well, because these signs complement each other.

There are bound to be disagreements here and it would not be wise to leave an argument hang- ing . . .settle differences as soon as possible. For these two, trying to bury a grudge doesn't work; it smolders and erupts. Scorpio would have no success trying to force issues with Taurus. Without patience and understanding, the relationship does not last.

Scorpions could feel dominated in this relationship because Taurus is overwhelming. Scorpio ends up seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing and reacting like the Bull. Both Scorpio and Taurus are obstinate and determined, and each is convinced that what is right for him is right for the other. Scorpio is probably going to have to decide to let the Bull’s will be the dominant one, as usually, there can only be one captain on Taurus’ ship.

SCORPIO/ARIES is another example of the Water/Fire syndrome. The relationship could succeed, but it wouldn’t necessarily be an easy proposition. Usually Scorpions find Aries natives irritating and in there presence, feel impatient, bogged down, buried in details, surrounded by red tape, and compelled to act impulsively, pushing logic aside.

Both signs possess a strong desire for independence and both tend to be dominating. Naturally, this could create problems. Without a lot of diplomacy, conflict and animosity arise between Scorpio and Aries.

On a more positive note, Scorpio gains the courage to overcome obstacles and actually gets the job done with Aries. It's not an easy, ideal situation, but it can work. It depends on the maturity of the Aries and Scorpio involved. There is attraction and magnetism, and yes, with intelligence, the problems can be overcome.

The SCORPIO/PISCES combination holds great promise. These two have a natural affinity, as both are impressionable, intuitive Water signs. There is great attraction here. Pluto and Neptune create a romantic aura and, once Pisces and Scorpio get together, it takes a storm of considerable proportions to separate them.

With Pisces, Scorpio is able to rise above petty obstacles to heights of genuine, creative intensity. In this environment, Scorpio teaches, writes, shares knowledge and finds outlets for otherwise pent-up energies.

Scorpio, rather than taking his unique talents for granted, learns to appreciate them when with a Pisces native. Through this relationship, change, travel and variety are available as well. With Pisces there may be a tendency for the practical Scorpion to act on impulse . . .act first and ask questions later. Being aware of this distinct possibility, take steps to prevent it from running along negative lines. This relationship, loaded with emotional dynamite, could be a permanent one, so if you aren’t serious, dear child of Scorpio, don't play games with Pisces.

With the SCORPIO/AQUARIUS union, the potential for conflict is high, but these two could definitely get the job done. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed, and can be determined to the point of obstinacy. The Pluto of Scorpio combines with the Uranus of Aquarius to produce a deep-seated feeling of lack. Thus, there is a drive for material things . . . for money, for anything that seems to add to security.

There is physical attraction here, despite the numerous disputes that are likely to occur. It is not an easy relationship, although there is a genuine desire for harmony. What generally occurs with the Pluto/Uranus combination is sudden, dynamic, and exciting. Whether it is constructive or other- wise depends on the degree of maturity attained by the individual Aquarian and Scorpion.

Aquarians are likely to look up to Scorpions, to regard them as assets for the advancement of career or standing in the community. For Scorpio, Aquarius represents a solid base, especially where land and real estate are concerned. Aquarians are exciting for Scorpions, basically because of possibility and potential.

Scorpio usually takes a long-range view with Aquarius, overlooking current inconveniences and even abuses for the idea of future attainment. If you are seeking instant happiness Scorpio, Aquarius is not for you. If you're willing to wait, then the relationship could eventually prove constructive.

With SCORPIO AND CAPRICORN, there is laughter, activity, travel and excitement . . . never a dull moment. This is odd, because Capricorn is not always a ball of laughs and Scorpio, is usually intense. But their combined chemistry creates laughter, movement, and energy.

The Saturn of Capricorn and Scorpio’s Pluto blend to create action in many arenas. With these two there is the danger of superficiality, the scattering of forces and trying to do too much. Capricorns assist Scorpions in being more versatile and flexible, not as set in their ways as they are with some others signs. Here there is more maneuverability. Scorpio is powerful and Capricorn is steady and discipline-conscious. Properly harnessed, this combination can spell success.

With Capricorn, Scorpio wants to expand. Pluto and Saturn equal steam and there must either be an outlet or an explosion. The excitement of the buildup is tantalizing for both. The key, of course, is to discover the proper outlet. These two signs do harmonize and there is a lot of potential between them. It may not be easy, but it’s likely to be very much worth the effort. It will be up to Scorpio, however, to make it work.

The SCORPIO/SAGITTARIUS partnership should be a beneficial one. Here, Scorpio finds an outlet for his intense feelings, and in so doing, there is profit . . . physical and emotional. At times, however, Scorpions tend to frighten Sagittarians and their moodiness and possessiveness could easily drive them away.

Sagittarius affects the part of the Scorpio chart that relates to money, personal possessions and income potential. With these two signs the basic flaw could be an idealized view of people and situ- ations. There is, in other words, a tendency here for them to fool themselves and end up doing more spending than earning.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and is expansive, philosophical, fond of travel and very expressive. Scorpio on the other hand, is more often than not, fixed and secretive. Waterlogged Scorpio natives tend to swim underwater and live within themselves, making it difficult for others to communicate.

If, dear Scorpion, a relationship with a Sagittarian is important to you, open up and be more consistently pleasant. You will have to work to make it a success, but it could definitely be worth it.

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