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Mar 31, 2017

Be, Do, Have


March 18, 2017


Many years ago, I participated in a human potential seminar offered by a company called Lifespring, and as I soar at 40,000 feet, one of their processes comes to my mind. It was called, "Be, Do, Have."  I guess the reason that came up for me is that, lately,  I have been thinking a great deal about the universal laws of vibration and polarity. 


As we know, in creation, everything vibrates, and the rate of vibration depends on where, on the pole of being, a thing is located. For example: on the pole of light, we will find, on the rapidly vibrating end, intensely, bright light, and on the slowly vibrating end, darkness. And, between the two extremes, varying degrees of light are to be found. 


We also know that when it comes to thingness, 'everything' is found on the high or rapidly vibrating end of the pole, and 'no-thing' rests on the slowly vibrating end. Now, that all leads me back to what I've been thinking. Humanity is hugely motivated by fear, and a lot of that fear centers around safety and survival.. And, in contemporary times, survival is connected to money, as in, will I have enough for food, shelter, health care, relationships, etc.


Now, here is the dilemma...Love is on the high end of the pole with light and everything, and fear is on the low end of the pole with darkness and no-thing.  Because humanity's motivation is so often connected to 'having,' especially as it relates to the concept of "enough,"  fear is generally lurking somewhere, either consciously or subconsciously.


We have all said, or heard someone say: "If I had (fill in the blank) I would be happy." However, based on universal law, we know that that concept is a sure-fire recipe for failure, because with every longing, there is the fear that what I'm longing for may never come to pass. And, if my happiness is somehow connected to what I'm longing for, there is a strong possibility that I will never be happy. 


Now, if I am afraid or unhappy, doesn't the law say that I am, therefore, polarized to the emptiness where nothing can happen no matter what I do? If what is wanted is money, don't we all know people who have acquired money and still weren't happy? What about a new car, a job or a relationship. Don't we all know people who have wrecked their new car, lost a job or were disappointed with a relationship? 


Or, how about all of the celebrities we've read about, who seemed to have everything, and yet, met with such tragic ends. Some had bank accounts full of money and no health; some had money and health but were sad and lonely; some had material things but were plagued with mental problems, and so on and so on and so on.


One might be moved to ask, "What is happiness and how does one find it. These are age-old questions with only one answer . . . Identification. If you identify as a body and an ego, you will always be polarized to the empty end of the pole, where insufficiency is at home. Or, you identify as pure spirit, an emanation of the Devine, having a body and an ego to move around with.


With proper identification, you automatically polarize to the end of the pole where you are, and thus, have, everything already. There, happiness is a constant. And calling forth what you desire from the quantum field with the power of thought is a given. 


Clearly, happiness does not come from 'having."  Have we not said, or heard someone say, "No matter what I do, things don't turn out the way I had hoped they would." Clearly, 'doing' does not guarantee happiness, unless, that is, you are doing what you love without outcome expectations. 


In conclusion, you simply cannot 'have' to be happy, and you can't 'do' to be happy. Based on universal law, you have to be happy and do what makes you happy to have anything.

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  • apfaison
    Nov 6

    Keep them coming! Love, Praise, Thank You for all of them posts!
  • contact
    Oct 25

    I spent the first weekend in March participating in the first of the bi-annual meetings of the Association of Transformational Leaders and I notice that I usually leave those three days with at least one great gem. This time it was the presentation of 'What the Bleep' contributor, Dr. Joe Despenza. I was fascinated as Dr. Despenza gave a scientific explanation for every Spiritual thing I have ever shared (with anyone willing to listen) since I arrived on this beautiful planet. Of course he spoke about how your thoughts create your reality and about how those thoughts become the nails that keep you safely locked in your own special coffin. He spoke about the Ascension Attitudes of Love, Praise and Gratitude and how they raise one's vibration and thus, transform his or her circumstances. He spoke about our need to re-identify, dying to the lower nature - survival identity - and identifying as pure, immaculate Spirit. Dr. Joe spoke of how we end up stuck in a feeling loop. He explains: Your brain monitors your chemical state, and the moment you feel any negative emotion, it's going to think more corresponding thoughts equal to how you feel. It fires and wires similar circuits over and over again, and if you turn on enough of those circuits, you keep producing that same level of mind. This reaffirms your identity with the same image and then the limbic brain produces the same neuropeptides in your forebrain which then signals the same hormones, and then you begin to feel even more of the same emotions which then influences you to think more of the same corresponding thoughts. It turns out that, as a result of playing and replaying our old, guilt-ridden, separated, special, stories, our cells get negatively programmed and we become addicted to certain chemicals that, as a result of our repeated emotional responses, are released into our blood streams. These programmed cells and chemicals begin controlling our behavior from the subconscious level, leaving us to act like robots, continuously creating and responding to the same situations the same ways. Can it possibly be that Science is finally proving God? Alhumdulilah!
  • Admin
    Oct 31

    October 16, 2017 Today is Monday, the sixth day of this year's ten-day T.I.M.E. project, and I'm flying high (pun intended) from New York to Las Vegas, the second stop of this amazing adventure. On every one of the last five days I have spent with the talented, exciting, award winning South African Youth Choir (SAYC), I have spoken the word 'time,' and, even though I have been using it to speak about the project, this morning I'm musing over the physical phenomenon of time. Last weekend, I attended a gathering of transformational leaders in San Diego, and one of the speakers really held my attention as he spoke about things we can't live without, most of which we were all instantly in agreement with: air, water, food, sleep, but our collective interest was piqued when he added self-expression to the list. We all know that we were created as instruments, channels for God to express and extend through, but I must admit, it never occurred to me to think of the lack of self-expression as life-threatening. However, after a few minutes of pondering, it makes perfect sense. Expressing is like breathing, one absolutely must take in and put out. . . if we could hold our breath for too long, we would surely die. We all know people who, for one reason or another, are too afraid to share their feelings, their ideas or their talents . . . people who spend their lives spectating rather than participating. Now, wouldn't that be the same as not having an exhale follow an inhale? God/Life is always filling us up, and yes then, it would be imperative for us to keep emptying out, or, in other words, finding outlets for self-expression. Authorities are currently looking for a motive for the record-breaking slaughter that occurred in Las Vegas recently and it would certainly be a shame if this, and all of the similar acts of violence of recent times were somehow connected to a misguided longing for self-expression. But I digress. We have been taught that time is a real thing that is divided into three parts: past, present and future.However, those of us who have been paying attention know that in the illusion of time, there is only the present. When yesterday was happening, it was now, and by the time tomorrow happens it will be now. Based on the Law of Mentalism, we know we create our own realities with what we are thinking, however, thinking is a 'right now' phenomenon. If we are not allowing what we experience and learn from moment to moment, to inform and thus transform us, we are not really alive and we are not creating.. . . we are nailed into a coffin, trapped inside of the guilt of what we created some other time, in some other place. Emptying out or forgiving is a mandatory component of happiness. The way this spectacular game called 'LIFE' was laid out, time was introduced as a tool for learning and its resulting forgiving. It is necessary to know what doesn't work in order to choose what does, and we have all taken the time and done a pretty good job learning what will never work if we are to experience extraordinary living. Now, it is time for us to give all of that forth and put what we know into practice. As 'children of the light,' we have utilized a great deal of time, lifetime after lifetime, trying to come up with clever and not so clever ways to survive. And, that may have been relevant during times gone by, but we have spent enough time with survival as the end-game. It is time for us to get on with our Father's business. How, you might ask, do I know what I have to offer to life? My answer would be that it is not up to us to come up with that. If we are here on earth, our contribution has already been established, but we will never be able to access the necessary information using our heads. The data we require can only come from or through our hearts. When you have become sick and tired of coming up with your next brainstorm for survival, only to be dissatisfied and frustrated yet another time, you will cease and desist. You will recognize the need to partner with your Higher-Self. And, you will ask and follow the forth-coming guidance; which, by the way, can only be accessed through the excitement you feel in your heart. One of the things that I found interesting in last week's speaker's presentation was the notion of following your bliss. He suggested that one should strike out as though on a quest for happiness, and that excitement would be your clues. He said that in every moment, weigh your options and do only that which offers the greatest level of excitement, then spend time developing, mastering and experiencing whatever prompts the feeling. And, for heaven's sake, don't be too busy to notice. I loved hearing him say that to all of the receptive hearts in the room. It is definitely my philosophy and one that I know, after many years of experience, is phenomenally effective. As I have said thousands of times . . . "As above so below; as below, so above." If we realize that it is up to us to take care of the things we create, we should know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God takes care of what God creates. Be willing to allow that to be your experience. "Forget about what has happened; don't keep going over old history. Be alert; be present. I am about to do something brand new." (Isaiah 43:18-19) It is time for us to utilize the Law of Mentalism and the power of the present to allow something amazing to come through the channels we were created to be. It is time for us to discover, experience and be elevated by our own bliss. . . Yes and Thank You!